Commercial Voiceover

  1. Commercial Demo Steven Jay Cohen 1:00

Steven has proven himself a consummate professional. His attention to detail is tempered with a keen eye.

David Sobkowiak, The Imaginarium
Your commercial is a story.

And, for your story to be well told, you need a voice talent that truly understands your message, and how best to get it across, typically, in 30 seconds or less.

Effectively communicating your message is important to me.

I don’t just read the script and call it a day.

When we work together on your project, I spend the time needed to learn all I can, ensuring that my recording gets you the results that you are looking for.

Film, TV, & Documentary Voiceover

  1. Film & Documentary Narration Demo Steven Jay Cohen 1:00

Steven is an enthusiastic and talented writer and producer. He is a tireless and passionate craftsman who very much believes in the work he’s producing.

Jim Alexander, WEVV-TV

Long-form projects (like narrating documentaries for film, television, or online distribution) need more than just a typical voice talent. They requires a person with videography and engineering skills as well.

I work with tools that natively sync voice to video, and I stay current with most of the popular video editing tools out there.

And, if your project involves field recordings that “could use a little cleaning up,” I can handle that for you as well.

You’ve already produced amazing images to tell your story. Those images deserve a voice that can bring the same vision to your text.

Video Game Voiceover

  1. Video Game Demo Steven Jay Cohen 1:00

Steven’s brilliant — gives clear and relevant direction and is a dream to work with. He’s very good at pulling the best out of an actor. A very positive person. Count yourself lucky if you get a chance to work with him.

Stefania Lintonbon, Stef’s Voice 4 U

A well told story is engaging, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting more.

A great game has the same effect.

As games become more cinematic, attention to detail, like professional, high quality voice audio production, help set your project apart from the pack. With over 10 years of software development experience, I can work seamlessly with your tech team, delivering the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.