Software Design

Over the years, I have written a few programs that I have found useful. I then released them online, free of charge. When I can, I like sharing things that I make with others.

Though the software on this page is no longer supported, it is still available for download.

All Platforms

2nd OpinionAny OS

An Audio Mastering Tool.

Audible Sample FinderWeb

Find the sample audio, image, and other useful data for any audiobook published at

AdSubtractAny OS

An Ad Blocker written in pure CSS.

Mac OS X

Iridium10.4.x and 10.3.x

Blending the look of all windows so they match.

The Tiger Apple should have released in the first place.

Chromium10.4.x Old Version Other Version Basing the whole OS on the “new” smooth metal look.

myFolders – 10.4.x
Customize your folder icons.

Key Viewer10.4.x
Key Caps for OSX.

Classic Sound PackAny OS
Sounds from the first 9 Mac OSes ported to OSX.


b2evo4MyIEAny OS
A sidebar plugin for MyIE(Maxthon) to embed your b2evolution blog.


BlueHatIcon Gnome KDE
Recoloring RedHat’s hat to match the icon of Fedora Linux.


KeramikPearlColor Scheme Kicker
Softening Keramik to make it easier on the eyes.