Take Back Tomorrow

“The pace of the story is quick … the time transitions are handled well … This is a good novel.”–from Publishers Weekly

“This is a brilliant concept … A fantastic story.” –Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Expert Reviewer

“The narrator kept me on the edge of my seat!” —Todd Vogel

“Cohen does good work… Easy and enjoyable to listen to. Distinct characters and narration, clearly conveying the feelings and atmosphere” —Kingsley

“I honestly can’t imagine anyone else narrating this title. [Steven] gives a calm, deliberate pacing which allows the story to unfold, rather than dress it up with exaggerations. He made the characters come alive.” —Independent Reviews

Take Back Tomorrow by Richard Levesque

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Eddie Royce is an up-and-coming science fiction writer with a terrible secret: he cheats.

He knew he’d get caught, of course. Eventually. But not like this. When disaster finally strikes, it strikes big, and Eddie is confronted by the worst person imaginable: his idol, the SF master, Chester Blackwood. To Eddie’s great surprise, however, Blackwood has secrets of his own, and instead of outing him, the master storyteller quickly embroils Eddie in a real-life mystery of time travel, beautiful women, and Hollywood gangsters. But then Blackwood disappears, so if Eddie wants to keep both the fame and the girl, he’s going to have to do the one thing he’s never been able to get right before: plot his way out of a crisis.

And the stakes if he fails? The very future of science fiction itself.