Ransom, P.I.

“[A] quick, unrelenting, and action-packed first installment of a hopefully long series…” — Kerah13

“The dialogue was great and the noir mood of the book really creates a great atmosphere.” — Logan Caine

Ransom, P.I. – The Complete Collection by Luke Shephard

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Follow Daniel Ransom, P.I., through all of his adventures with:

Volume One: Dead Eyes

Paris, 1945. Foreigner and struggling Private Investigator Daniel Ransom takes a missing persons case that seems like any other. Before long, however, things begin to look a bit more serious, a bit more – sinister.

Strange occult references turn up at the crime scene and Daniel begins to hear word of a new hallucinogenic drug hitting the streets. A drug that sells faster than opium and, more often than not, finds its users committed to the insane asylum. Can Daniel crack the case and find the missing person before it’s too late?

Volume Two: Dark Corners

Daniel Ransom, failed novelist and current private investigator, has had a bad week. After the shocking death of Nicole Faure, the one-time love of his life, Daniel reluctantly continues his investigation into the disappearance of Nicole’s brother. He’s hoping for a quick and easy case, so that he can get out of France and never look back. What he finds instead is a small town swept up in a terrifying new religion, an oddball cab driver, an obese war criminal, and a significant number of people who want him dead. Just another day at the office.

Volume Three: La Mort de Tous

Things just keep getting worse for private eye Daniel Ransom. After the death of his client and one-time lover led him to become embroiled in a terrifying new religious ceremony where pretty much everyone and everything wants him dead, he now has to try to stop a human sacrifice and get to the root of all of the evils that are befalling France in the wake of World War II. No simple task, indeed. What his investigation turns up, however, may be too much for even the most hard-boiled detective to withstand.