Just Speculating: Three Stories That Didn’t Really Happen

Just Speculating: Three Stories That Didn’t Really Happen by Geoff Sturtevant

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From the author of Return to the Dirt comes an outlandish collection of stories, including “Anything for my Bubela”, “Jar Baby”, and “Night Fright”. Sol Edelbaum, gambling addict, is in deep trouble with the Gambino family. Find out to what extent his doting mother, Edna, will go to protect her degenerate bubela from the Mafia. Learn what really happened that fateful day Paul Castellano was shot down at Sparks Steakhouse in Manhattan. And perhaps most importantly of all, learn how to get a jar of Gefilte fish off the top shelf. Bob is a simple man, eking out a meager living bidding on abandoned storage containers and selling their contents at flea markets. But when he uncovers the most peculiar little relic one day, his life suddenly becomes a whole lot less simple. Bob can’t believe his good fortune. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, is there? Richard Pressman, a professional photographer, moves into his dream house and quickly becomes the most eligible bachelor in the neighborhood. But his odd hours and unusual lifestyle have made quite a different impression on the neighbor’s nosy kid. Richard may have a good eye for art, but a child’s imagination can create the most curious pictures of all.

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