Hallways in the Night

“Good plot great job with characters especially loved the secondary story lines with all of the twists and turns of a real thriller and thought best part was the stories of how this ‘one’ incident effected the lives of ‘real’ every day people! A great thriller story.”
Med C

Hallways in the Night by RC O’Leary

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When a veteran cop tries to arrest baseball’s home run king, one of them ends up on trial and the other one ends up dead.
A routine stakeout is almost over when Dave Mackno decides to pursue a speeding Porsche. It’s a decision that will have deadly consequences. That’s because the Porsche is being driven by Remo Centrella, baseball’s home run king, who is half-drunk and at the tail-end of a steroid cycle that makes him think he’s bulletproof.

There’s no way Remo is going to let a no-name cop arrest him. Especially since the woman in his car has a fresh welt underneath her eye.

For Atlanta Barons owner Ray Manning, the timing of the shooting couldn’t be worse. With his oil company on the verge of a financial death spiral, he’s running out of cash, and his investment bankers at Cohen, Wolfe are lining up to take full advantage of his situation. He’s now in desperate need of the kind of justice that only money can buy.