Dead, Sometimes: Jason Callahan Psychic Detective, Book 2

“This book will have you riveted. Not just from the story but, with the performance of Steven Jay Cohen. I have reviewed other books where the male narrators sometimes could pull off the female voices to a degree. Steven is the first that really nailed the dialect and the voices. I was in awe over this one.” — Sapphire Reader

“I alway enjoy listening to Steven Jay Cohen, he does the job so well.”

“I look forward to more stories by this author and I always enjoy listening to Steven.” — Angela Fitzgerald

Dead, Sometimes: Jason Callahan Psychic Detective, Book 2 by Patricia Lee Macomber

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Jason Callahan, private investigator, and his psychic partner Trina Dane return in the second installment of the Jason Callahan Mysteries.

Chloe Marsh is found dead at the scene of an accident and pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Half an hour later, as she is being taken to the morgue, Chloe suddenly sits up. But this isn’t the first time Chloe has died, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Enter Trina and Jason. They’ve worked on cases together before, but nothing like this. Investigator Jason Callahan doesn’t believe for a minute that Chloe has special powers, but psychic Trina Dane does, and she thinks she knows why. But what of the other people across the country who have had the same experiences? How did they really die? And how did one boy (and Chloe) manage to survive? Only Trina and Jason can find the answers, but they must do so before Chloe runs out of lives.