Just Speculating: Three Stories That Didn’t Really Happen

Just Speculating: Three Stories That Didn’t Really Happen by Geoff Sturtevant

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From the author of Return to the Dirt comes an outlandish collection of stories, including “Anything for my Bubela”, “Jar Baby”, and “Night Fright”. Sol Edelbaum, gambling addict, is in deep trouble with the Gambino family. Find out to what extent his doting mother, Edna, will go to protect her degenerate bubela from the Mafia. Learn what really happened that fateful day Paul Castellano was shot down at Sparks Steakhouse in Manhattan. And perhaps most importantly of all, learn how to get a jar of Gefilte fish off the top shelf. Bob is a simple man, eking out a meager living bidding on abandoned storage containers and selling their contents at flea markets. But when he uncovers the most peculiar little relic one day, his life suddenly becomes a whole lot less simple. Bob can’t believe his good fortune. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, is there? Richard Pressman, a professional photographer, moves into his dream house and quickly becomes the most eligible bachelor in the neighborhood. But his odd hours and unusual lifestyle have made quite a different impression on the neighbor’s nosy kid. Richard may have a good eye for art, but a child’s imagination can create the most curious pictures of all.

Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane

Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane by Brett King, Andy Lark, Alex Lightman, & JP Rangaswami

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The Internet and smartphone are just the latest in a 250-year-long cycle of disruption that has continuously changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we interact. The coming Augmented Age, however, promises a level of disruption, behavioral shifts, and changes that are unparalleled. While consumers today are camping outside of an Apple store waiting to be one of the first to score a new Apple Watch or iPhone, the next generation of wearables will be able to predict if we’re likely to have a heart attack and recommend a course of action. We watch news of Google’s self-driving cars, but don’t likely realize this means progressive cities will have to ban human drivers in the next decade because us humans are too risky. Following on from the Industrial or Machine Age, the Space Age and the Digital Age, the Augmented Age will be based on four key disruptive themes – Artificial Intelligence, Experience Design, Smart Infrastructure, and HealthTech. Historically, the previous “ages” brought significant disruption and changes, but on a net basis, jobs were created, wealth was enhanced, and the health and security of society improved. What will the Augmented Age bring? Will robots take our jobs and AI’s subsume us as inferior intelligences? Or will this usher in a new age of abundance?

Augmented is a book on future history, but, more than that, it is a story about how you will live your life in a world that will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 250 years. Are you ready to adapt? Because if history proves anything, you don’t have much of a choice.

Occupational Hazards: The Blue-Collar Omnibus

Occupational Hazards: The Blue-Collar Omnibus by Geoff Sturtevant

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Occupational Hazards is a collection of acclaimed stories from the author’s Return to the Dirt, Just Speculating, and more, including unreleased, exclusive, audio-only content! Performed by a cast of award-winning and Audie® nominated narrators, fans of the macabre, dark humor, and cerebral thrillers are guaranteed a compelling listening experience.

The stories exemplify the unsavory side of our everyday existence. Existentialism, absurdism, and outlandish humor merge with ordinary, workaday life for a unique and hilarious perspective of the human experience.

Occupational Hazards is an unflinching ride through the absurdity of it all. Not recommended for the faint of heart or easily offended. But if meaty stories are what you’re after….
We hope you’re hungry.

Sycamore: A Novel

“Great story, characters and narration! … LISTEN! You won’t be disappointed!” —Kathy Reviews Audiobooks

Sycamore: A Novel by Bryn Chancellor

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An award-winning writer makes her debut with this mesmerizing must-listen in the spirit of Everything I Never Told You and Olive Kitteridge.

Out for a hike one scorching afternoon in Sycamore, Arizona, a newcomer to town stumbles across what appear to be human remains embedded in the wall of a dry desert ravine. As news of the discovery makes its way around town, Sycamore’s longtime residents fear the bones may belong to Jess Winters, the teenage girl who disappeared suddenly some 18 years earlier, an unsolved mystery that has soaked into the porous rock of the town and haunted it ever since. In the days it takes the authorities to make an identification, the residents rekindle stories, rumors, and recollections both painful and poignant as they revisit Jess’ troubled history. In resurrecting the past, the people of Sycamore will find clarity, unexpected possibility, and a way forward for their lives.

Skillfully interweaving multiple points of view, Bryn Chancellor knowingly maps the bloodlines of a community and the indelible characters at its heart – most notably Jess Winters, a thoughtful, promising adolescent poised on the threshold of adulthood. Evocative and atmospheric, Sycamore is a coming-of-age story, a mystery, and a moving exploration of the elemental forces that drive human nature – desire, loneliness, grief, love, forgiveness, and hope – as witnessed through the inhabitants of one small Arizona town.

The Enigma Factor: The Enigma Series, Book 1

“[Steven Jay Cohen] gives each character a truly unique voice that only enhances a novel that’s already fabulous from beginning to end. Well done!” — Ms. Christian C.

The Enigma Factor: The Enigma Series, Book 1 by Charles V Breakfield & Roxanne E Burkey

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Explore the inner workings of technology in the fast-paced thriller The Enigma Factor. Authors Breakfield and Burkey weave a complex tale full of danger, intrigue, and international cyber wars in their joint fictional novel debut.

Jacob Michaels is a brilliant programmer who has spent his life in the field of information protection, considering it his mission to protect major organizations from the horrific damage cyber criminals can inflict.

But it is his own life he finds in danger when rogue cyber-criminals target Jacob for inclusion in their nefarious activities. Determined, he sets off on a mission that takes him into the furthest reaches of cyber technology and is provided support through unknown protectors.
With his best friend in tow, as well as a distractingly beautiful encryptionist, Jacob’s journey ultimately sets off a chain reaction involving cyber theft, international hackers, romance, and more danger than he could have ever imagined.

As Jacob closes in, however, he soon learns that the line between good guys and bad guys is increasingly blurry.

Anything for My Bubela

“[A] short, suspenseful and highly entertaining Mafia story with an unexpected and humorous twist!” — Reviews by Sal

Anything for My Bubela by Geoff Sturtevant

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December, 1985. Sol Edelbaum, gambling addict, is in deep trouble with the Gambino family. Find out to what extent his doting mother, Edna, will go to protect her degenerate bubela from the Mafia. Learn what really happened that fateful day Paul Castellano was shot down at Sparks Steakhouse in Manhattan. And perhaps most importantly of all, learn how to get a jar of Gefilte fish off the top shelf.

Adaptation: Book I

“The narration enhanced the book! When I closed my eyes and listened, I felt like I was in the middle of all the action. I definitely appreciated the narrator’s ability to offer slight inflections for each character.” — Leslie Flowers

“Some readers just read the words, but when you find one that puts emotions into it, that is what brings it to life for the listener. Steven Jay Cohen did that for me.” — Still Naughty Reviews

Adaptation: Book I by Pepper Pace

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Carmella was still a teen when the Motherships first appeared dotting the skies over the Earth. For years the world tried to normalize while the silent Motherships hovered. And then they arrived, promising that they meant no harm. But within 10 years, 80% of the world’s population would be wiped out.

Including everyone that Carmella loved.

The “blobs” took those that survived to another planet called Earth Two. But Carmella was an Earthling and she would kill the hated monsters that had destroyed her world before she would allow them to take her.

Carmella settled into a lonely existence on the now desolate earth – all alone except for her wolf. And then she sees it hiding, watching her – maybe to capture her and remove her from the only thing that she can still call her own – her world.

But Bilal is not like the other Centaurians. He is fully aware that he will never be like the humans that he’s grown up with. Earth is the only home he knows and he feels that he is just as much an Earthling as any human. Shunned by his own kind, Bilal travels the Earth trying to capture an essence of the life that he could never be a part of and a world that would never accept him.
When he sees the black woman living all alone, his curiosity gets the best of him. He cannot stop himself from watching her and secretly growing more attached to the human. Bilal’s quest to become human brings him to a decision that will forever change the course of human-kind. In an attempt to ease the woman’s loneliness – or perhaps a need to recreate himself – Bilal impregnates the woman with his Alien DNA.

The Somniscient

“[T]he extraordinary talent of Steven Jay Cohen’s narration brings to life every emotion.” — Stephen Bergquist

“To me, this is a terrifying vision, and hooked me into the story immediately. Steven Jay Cohen is an amazing narrator and is legend among the narrator community.” —Eddie Mittelstedt

The Somniscient by Richard Levesque

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When reformed dream hacker Nix Nighthawk’s sleep chip malfunctions, he is forced to seek help from a world he is trying to avoid – his old friends in the pirate dream network. But that world has changed, and Nix soon finds himself at the center of a complex plot to overthrow the vast corporation that controls every aspect of society. Betrayed by his lover, his friends, and even the technology that defines him, he has to choose: go back to living his safe and controlled existence, or be the hero and join forces with the revolutionary known only as The Somniscient.

My Father’s Son: A Memoir

“This memoir is gripping, at times gritty and just very real… [W]hen I listened to this on audiobook, I just wanted to hug little John and save him, hold his hand and tell him it’d be okay and that he wasn’t alone. [The narrator] read the story in a soothing pace … this book really needed due to the heavy topics presented in it.” — Ms. Nose in a Book

My Father’s Son: A Memoir by John Davis

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John Davis grew up in the 1970s and ’80s on the rough streets of Brooklyn, a place where no one thought twice when parents smacked around their kids – or each other. At the center of the tumultuous neighborhood, and John’s world, was his larger-than-life father, Roberto. The Argentinean butcher and kingpin drug dealer was a sadistic bully whose mercurial temper left a trail of tears and chaos across his family. John, in particular, seemed to bear the brunt of Roberto’s wildly swinging moods. Any wrong word could cause an explosion. Every knock on the door might be one of Roberto’s enemies, or the police.

In his publishing debut, Davis recounts how he spent his childhood in constant terror and his teen years learning to fight back. But it was much later, as an adult, that he learned the most shocking thing of all about his father, his past, and himself. Told with raw honesty and deep emotion, My Father’s Son is a memoir of fear, abuse, survival, and identity.