Full Cast Audio

Steven’s brilliant — gives clear and relevant direction and is a dream to work with. He’s very good at pulling the best out of an actor. A very positive person. Count yourself lucky if you get a chance to work with him.

Stefania Lintonbon, Stef’s Voice 4 U

Excellent work done and was able to turn it around in a couple of days. I would use him again and recommend others to do so as well. Thanks for a great job!

David Batchelor, DialMyCalls.com
Podcast Fiction, Radio Plays, Audio Dramas — no matter what you call the medium, at its core, it is all full cast audio.

An ensemble of actors, coming together to tell a story, formatted for a listenership that is growing year over year.

Podcasting is ushering in a resurgence of this classic format. A growing number of audiobook consumers are asking for aspects of it to be added to their listening experience as well.

We are filmmakers without cameras, finding freedom as we bypass eyes jaded by computer generated effects.

Now is a time of great experimentation.

In reviving the medium, new technology and new modes of storytelling, are coming together in exciting ways.

This is the work that I do over at Spoken Realms.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more.

Here is a Creative Commons project that I worked on…

Doctor Who

Strange Bedfellows was a 3-part story structured in classic-show format. Though informed by the sensibilities of the new show under Russell T. Davies, effort was made to not mimic what was being done on screen.

The planet is Earth. The year is 1940. The place is Brussels, Belgium. The TARDIS has dropped our traveling trio of adventurers into a city besieged by German troops. But, are the Nazis really all they need to worry about?

  1. Doctor Who: Strange Bedfellows - Episode 1
  2. Doctor Who: Strange Bedfellows - Episode 2
  3. Doctor Who: Strange Bedfellows - Episode 3

Extending beyond standard episodic format, immersiveness can be enhanced by using other standard forms in inventive ways. Commercials for hypothetical products within a series, news bulletins, etc. can become effective promotional tools.

  1. Promo: Coming Soon...
  2. Promo: Next Time on Doctor Who...
  3. Promo: Dream Sequence
  4. Commercial: Ride the Androzani Express
  5. Newsbreak 1: New France Interview
  6. Newsbreak 2: On Location
  7. Newsbreak 3: Emergency Broadcast System

Short episodic bits can even be used to develop a character before they join the main storyline. Built like this, these “extras” can be weaved into the release schedule to keep listeners engaged between major releases.

Part 1
In our last full episode, The Midnight Garden, Victoria Waterfield asked her butler, Lane, to contact her granddaughter, Amanda. But does Amanda want to be contacted?

Part 2
Just what does Amanda think is in that letter from her grandmother? Why won’t she read it? Featuring the voice talents of Robin Carlisle, Dave Madeley, and the late Jon Pertwee.

Part 3
In the mind of Amanda’s grandmother, Victoria Waterfield, the Universe appears more interconnected than ever. From her hospital bed, she calls for the Doctor across space and time. But, can he hear her?

Part 4
Or maybe this one should be called “Where is Amanda Waterfield?”
Amanda is seeming to make less and less sense. Derrick follows her to find out what is going on. And Shazza can’t believe what she is hearing.

  1. Who is Amanda Waterfield? Part 1
  2. Who is Amanda Waterfield? Part 2
  3. Who is Amanda Waterfield? Part 3
  4. Who is Amanda Waterfield? Part 4