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Steven’s brilliant — gives clear and relevant direction and is a dream to work with. He’s very good at pulling the best out of an actor. A very positive person. Count yourself lucky if you[…]

Stefania Lintonbon, Stef’s Voice 4 U

Steven has become a must-have for any projects I work on. His professionalism, attention to detail, and technical ability, understanding, and knowledge has been a vital piece for successes on many projects.

Justin Wellman, LMT

Steven is an enthusiastic and talented writer and producer. He is a tireless and passionate craftsman who very much believes in the work he’s producing.

Jim Alexander, WEVV-TV

I am always impressed with Steven’s final product, which demonstrates a versatile acting ability as well a naturalism he brings to each role. His work in Star Child Missing was one of the top performances[…]

Ara Pelodi, Voice Actor

Fantastic job. Great communication. Can sometimes work miracles. Very nice audio editing for our online program!

Sheri Summers, Accent on Speaking

Steven has proven himself a consummate professional. His attention to detail is tempered with a keen eye.

David Sobkowiak, The Imaginarium
A skilled audio engineer, like a skilled painter, has a deep understanding of their tools, the spectrum of their project, and their chosen palate.

And, while it takes years of work and study to create deep, rich, and evocative soundscapes, there are basic skills that all voice actors, podcasters, and other content creators can use to enhance their own craft.

I help demystify the basics of audio engineering, teaching what goes on behind the mixing board. Enabling people to both complete projects wholly on their own, and to understand subtleties and complexities in larger projects, allowing them to become a more valuable part of the production process.

Looking to expand your own skills as an Audio Engineer?
I love teaching! Let’s work together, schedule a session today.

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I help actors, artists, musicians, and freelancers learn how to build and maintain a web presence that enables creative people to make the most of their time and effort online.

The websites connect to various social media platforms enabling my clients to engage freely with their chosen audiences. Sites like these, sit at the center of online branding campaigns that help affect discussion, discourse, and opinion.

I believe in collaboration. Let’s work together to tell your unique story.


Your website is an investment, Why risk that investment with some budget copy writing service? Get rid of generic text and grow your unique brand. Learn how to update your content to improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion power. Let’s create search-friendly content written just for you.

Social Media

Social media done right has the power to attract leads, drive inbound traffic to your website, and stimulate engagement with you and your brand. Get more exposure with social media posts people will actually read, like, and share. Learn to leverage social media’s power to connect you with the world.

Blogging & Podcasting

Blogs and podcasts are essential because they do two things: enhance your SEO and show you as a trusted source in your area of expertise.  Learn how to broadcast an effective message, connecting with readers and listeners the world over.

Let’s work together. Learn how to get the word out about your unique vision and message. Interested in learning more? Get in touch.