who is the willow?

it is she
who knows.

it is she
that looks beyond me to myself.

it is she
that always knows who i am
(no matter what i pretend).

it is she
within me

though i deny myself that sort of power….


i see your face
it is set against the sky

your eyes are stars
shimmering and sparkling
jewels that pierce the twilight in my soul

your hair gently dances in the breeze
lightly, it traces a path across your face
hiding within the apple of your cheek

veiled in golden curls you are
let me reach over
and brush them back

to see you
to really see you
and know.

failing words

failing words
sadly call through my
hand onto the page.

they sigh…

they breathe their way
around the white and
blueness of the paper.

they long to live
through the lips that
lusciously long to linger
overletter after letter after letter

dark muse

the phantom returns
in she walks
her face shadowed
her purpose clear

through me
she calls all

within my voice
becomes a song

her tugging had moves through me
and takes of my essence

what i am
spills across the sky

by her hand
i touch the world around me
and drink it in

now, i know.