I have been telling stories my whole life. Professionally, since 1991.

A narrator, engineer, director, and educator, I work with students holistically; helping them find an authentic read, streamlining their production process, and developing their brand.

Now based in Massachusetts just east of the Berkshires, I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Originally, while working to make it as an actor, I paid the bills doing Sound and Lighting Design on New York’s Theatre Row and uptown at Symphony Space. My audio production roots run very deep.

[T]he extraordinary talent of Steven Jay Cohen’s narration brings to life every emotion.

Stephen Bergquist (The Somniscient)
In addition to acting, I have also written, produced, and directed a number of shows in smaller venues. Along the way, I have studied acting with people like F. Murray Abraham, Emelie FitzGibbon, William Prosser, Dorothy Heathcote, Carol Monda, and Johnny Heller, as well as writing with Alan Ginsberg, Aurand Harris, and Frank McCourt.

After spending a few years as an accent coach, and as a more traditional educator, I headed to Massachusetts’ Connecticut River Valley, where I have continued to teach subjects ranging from Stagecraft to British literature. I also continue to write and perform, and even develop software from time to time.

Mainly I develop stories, and enables others to do the same.

Start with the story. Tell it well. Produce it flawlessly.

In recent years, I have built a fully-equipped, professional recording studio in my home, where I now record and produce on a regular basis.

Since the advent of the Web, and podcasting in particular, I have been both performing and producing new works online for a global audience. The freedom and flexibility of the Internet has made it possible for me to assemble a team of incredible talent from places as far flung as Northern Europe, the Middle East, and New Zealand.

I am the Creative Director of Spoken Realms, producing original stories in audio, and publisher and distributor of over 1,700 audiobooks.

Want to hire me as a voice talent? an engineer? a producer? a coach?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.