Audiobook Narrator

  1. Audiobook Demo - Narration (Urban) Steven Jay Cohen 1:49
  2. Audiobook Demo - Dialog Steven Jay Cohen 1:26
  3. Audiobook Demo - Narration (Storyteller) Steven Jay Cohen 1:59
  4. Audiobook Demo - YA Steven Jay Cohen 1:52
  5. Audiobook Demo - Narration (Character) Steven Jay Cohen 2:00

Steven not only had an enormous breadth of knowledge to share, but he also seasoned that knowledge with so much kindness and patience, that I was immediately put at ease. Often times, I have felt overwhelmed when trying to learn something that is entirely new to me, but Steven is a natural instructor and he …

Aimee Ollman, Voice Actor

Audio books require a special kind of approach. Researching texts, constructing accents, inhabiting characters, and manifesting all of it with only the use of the voice. It is an acting challenge unmatched on any other platform.

Your story deserves to be well told. Your story deserves a dedicated actor with years of experience producing high quality audio.

Let’s work together. Beyond just reading the text, I will live the words.

In my voice, listeners will hear the essence of your story.

Interested in learning more about becoming an Audiobook Narrator?

Join one of my classes or schedule a private session. We can cover topics from the very basics of narration, to perfecting your technique, to building your career and your brand.