Audio Production

Audiobook Production

[Steven] brought the characters to life, using a variety of accents and giving each character their own distinct voice. I could almost feel the pain that many of the wounded soldiers were experiencing. Bravo!

LilMissMolly (The Red Badge of Courage)

Steven is a very supportive writer. When I worked on some episodes for him, he was willing to give constructive critiques to better the acting, the sound quality, and the show. He is very descriptive. The dialogue feels natural to say for each character and translates well into direction. I would highly recommend him.

Laura Nicole Spencer, GypsyLaura

Excellent work done and was able to turn it around in a couple of days. I would use him again and recommend others to do so as well. Thanks for a great job!

David Batchelor,

I honestly can’t imagine anyone else narrating this title. [Steven] gives a calm, deliberate pacing which allows the story to unfold, rather than dress it up with exaggerations. He made the characters come alive.

Independent Reviews (Take Back Tomorrow)

Steven is an enthusiastic and talented writer and producer. He is a tireless and passionate craftsman who very much believes in the work he’s producing.

Jim Alexander, WEVV-TV
Once your story has been well told, it needs to be well produced.

I draw upon my New York stage training, as an actor, director, and designer, and combine that with a finely honed technological understanding of User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) Design, to create truly fresh and compelling audio for your project — no matter what the budget.

My production company holds multiple publishing and distribution agreements with major industry vendors. Our content ranges from classics, to new independent titles, to projects that go beyond what has been traditionally defined as an audiobook. You can find us online at

Recently Published Projects

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Full Cast Audio Drama – Podcasts & Radio Plays

Parsec AwardThe explosive growth of podcasting has lead to a resurgence in full cast radio plays (or audio dramas) being streamed over the internet.

I am a passionate advocate for audio drama, and that shines through in every project that I do. Since the visuals generated by audio drama are products of the listener’s imagination, producing audio drama takes special skill and care to be done well.

Over the years, I have worked in every conceivable capacity on full cast audio — from performance and direction, to design and mastering, to writing and editing — on a multitude of projects.

Your story deserves to be well told. Let me bring my expertise to your concept.