Stories Well Told

  1. Audiobook Demo - Narration, New York, Comic Dialog - Anything for My Bubela by Geoff Sturtevant Steven Jay Cohen 2:58
  2. Audiobook Demo - Nonfiction Memoir - True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa by Michael Finkel Steven Jay Cohen 1:43
  3. Audiobook Demo - Children's Narration - Haroun and The Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie Steven Jay Cohen 1:54
  4. Audiobook Demo - Narratation - Animal Rescue by Dennis Lehane Steven Jay Cohen 1:45
  5. Audiobook Demo - Multi-Character Dialog - Primary Colors by Joe Klein Steven Jay Cohen 2:20
  6. Audiobook Demo - Accents: German, British, Russian, New York - Voices of the Great War by Anonymous Steven Jay Cohen 2:34
  7. Audiobook Demo - Noir Narration - Nightmare Town by Dashiell Hammett Steven Jay Cohen 1:30
  8. Audiobook Demo - M/F Dialog - The Fix by Arje Shaw Steven Jay Cohen 1:23
  9. Commercial Demo Steven Jay Cohen 1:00
  10. Narration Demo Steven Jay Cohen 1:00
  11. Video Game Demo Steven Jay Cohen 1:00
  12. IVR Telephony Demo Steven Jay Cohen 0:50

Start with the story. Tell it well. Produce it flawlessly.

I am always impressed with Steven’s final product, which demonstrates a versatile acting ability as well a naturalism he brings to each role. His work in Star Child Missing was one of the top performances for that piece, bringing me across the fourth wall and truly present with the relationship between distressed child and struggling …

Ara Pelodi, Voice Actor
I have been telling stories my whole life.
Professionally, since 1991…

As a writer, a voice actor, and an audio engineer, I take the time to understand each project from many points of view. I enjoy being a storyteller, adding creativity and personality to every project, no matter the genre.

Let’s work together!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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