Punch and Roll made easy (and free) with ocenaudio

ocenaudio is a wonderful, freeware, audio editor that runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux!

It’s a very capable tool that is always adding new features. Today, we’re focusing on Punch Recording (or Punch & Roll).

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  1. Hey Steven,
    Great tutorial! I listened (and commented on) your reaper post a little while ago, but then came across this and I think this would be perfect for me! Quick question: I’ve downloaded and followed all of these steps, however it’s not recording correctly for me. I have my Scarlett 2i2 pre-amp selected under device, but when I play the sound back it sounds like loud screeching. Any tips on how to fix that? Audacity is picking up the sound fine as usual so I think it’s a problem with the Ocenaudio DAW setting. Thank you again!

    1. Hey Kate! Open Edit > Preferences > Sound > Mixer Backend. Change it to ASIO. Your Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 came with drivers written in ASIO. If they have been installed, Ocenaudio will recognize them here. You will want to set things like Mixer Sample Rate to 44100 MHz (also known as 44.1k). Then, restart OcenAudio. Now, OcenAudio will be using the pro-level driver that came with your 2i2 (just like Reaper). If you continue to have issues, reach out to Focusrite. They have recently found a bug that is causing some odd behavior on some Windows machines. From what I understand, switching to ASIO here would be the best way to work around the problem entirely.

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