Free, Native Punch Recording – Mac, Windows, & Linux!

Ocenaudio Punch Record SettingsNo fancy script. No hacks. Just simple, straight forward, Punch & Roll recording. For free on all Macs, Windows, and Linux computers.

OcenAudio comes through with a feature that I mentioned to them back when I interviewed them in May of 2014. Isn’t it great to find a developer that really listens to the needs of the users?

The configuration is as simple as enabling 3 Checkboxes in the preference window:

  • Move cursor to record stop position
  • Destructive Recording
  • Preroll (set to desired number of seconds)

With these three settings enabled, OcenAudio does natively what my scripts for TwistedWave, Audacity, and Adobe Audition attempt to bolt on from the outside.

Like the programs that I scripted, OcenAudio doesn’t have true non-destructive editing (for that you’d need Reaper, ProTools, Logic Pro, etc). So, if you forget to turn on the second checkbox you will find the program inserting your new audio before your flub instead of writing over the mistake that you wish to replace.

With this new native feature OcenAudio sets itself apart from other simple editors and earns a spot closer to that of a traditional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It seems to manage memory better than Audacity. It runs on more platforms than TwistedWave. It doesn’t require a subscription like Adobe Audition. What’s not to like?

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4 Replies to “Free, Native Punch Recording – Mac, Windows, & Linux!”

    1. Hi Paul. Try it with “Destructive Record” turned off and see what happens 🙂
      Nothing bad, but the expected behavior for what we do would be with that box checked.

  1. Hey Steven,
    Just saw this, and played for a while…This is a significant break-through, particularly for AudioBook recording! Very simple to use…and more importantly, it’s free. I’ve been using Studio One 3 for the recording, and Audition CS6 for the editing/mastering. I’ve got several projects in the queue and will give this a go on one of them. I like the user interface…it’s just simple, and it works. Thank you!


    1. You’re welcome, Phil. Instead of changing over for your next big project, why not use OcenAudio for all of your auditions for the next few weeks/ That way, you can test out a new workflow without slowing yourself down on paying work.

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