Hallways in the Night #Listen2aBook!

Since it’s National Tell a Story Day, I thought I could share one of my favorite audiobook projects with you — Hallways in the Night by R.C. O’Leary.

A police procedural/courtroom drama in the tradition of Law & Order, Hallways in the Night follows an Atlanta police officer in the wake of the unintentional death of a celebrity crime suspect. We learn that people are not what they seem. Who is actually working to uncover the truth? Who benefits most if the truth never surfaces? The plot twists and turns as the slowly find our own way through the layers of self-interest and cover up.

What makes this story one of my favorites? Aside from it having been a fun read, working on this project is when I first met Johnny Heller.

I scheduled a private lesson with Johnny through Edge Studio. That day, Johnny worked through that opening monologue with me until I felt that I truly owned the material. And, once he heard the final product, the author agreed wholeheartedly.

It was an acting lesson that brought me back to some basic truths of good acting — being in the moment, and having honest reactions to the text and expressing them.

I am a better actor because of that session. And, that of course is the key, since truthful, honest acting, is at the core of the best audiobook narration.

Thank you Johnny! Thank you so very much for your insights and encouragement.

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