Ted Saves the World – my newest ACX project – Chapter 1

I’m enjoying this current project so much that I just had to share!

Ted Saves the World - book coverTed Saves the World is a fun YA/sci-fi adventure where unlikely hero, Ted Finley, gets dumped by his girlfriend and gets super powers all in the same day.

The opening chapter gives us Ted and Natalie just as she’s about to break things off. It’s a nervous, fidgety scene. And, I hope that my reading brings some of that out.

I connected with author Bryan Cohen (no relation 😉 ) on ACX, the Audiobook Creation Exchange. After my audition, he and I discussed the project, and needless to say, I was excited. Ted Saves the World is Book 1 of a really neat series.

I’ve decided to journal my progress throughout producing this title. Feel free to ask any questions (artistic or technical), and I’ll answer them all the best I can.

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