Spring Cleaning Reaper Style – Managing Old Files

Over time, audio files in your projects begin to take up an incredible amount of space on your drive. But, not all of these files are needed. Your project directories are probably littered with files referring to old flubs and bad takes that really should be deleted. It’s time to do some spring cleaning!

reaper-menu-clean-current-projectTo clear out these unneeded files, from your File menu, choose “Clean current project directory…”. This will present you with a window titled Project Directory Cleanup. The files in that window are not being referenced within the currently open project.

reaper-files-to-clean-upHighlight all files that you want to delete and then press the “Remove selected files” button.


reaper-confirm-files-to-deleteAfterward, you will be presented with a confirmation dialog. Clicking OK will move the selected files to your trash.

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