Making Money In Your PJs – A Must Read!

As a long time reader of Nethervoice, Paul Strikwerda’s blog, I could not wait to get my copy of his new book, Making Money In Your PJs: Freelancing for voice-overs and other solopreneurs. And, let me tell you right now, the book does not disappoint.

Paul StrikwerdaThe chapters are the distilled wisdom of a long-time successful freelancer who happens to work in voice-over. And that is the essential difference between this book and a lot of what is out there being marketed to voice talent.

This book is not just for voice actors!

This book is about solo entrepreneurship and everything that entails. It covers subjects ranging from: should you turn your hobby into a business, to handling failure; from working for free, to cold calling; from dealing with amateurs, to… Well, you get the idea.

The lessons in these pages are essential for anyone striking out on their own, be they an actor, an artist, a web-app developer, or even a business consultant. Paul teaches you how to treat your passion as a business without losing that edge that got you hooked on it in the first place.

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  1. Many thanks for your review, Steven. It’s all I could hope for and more. Thank you for highlighting the fact that this isn’t a traditional voice-over book filled with tongue twisters and advice on which microphone to buy. It’s written for those solopreneurs who wish to stay in business for a long time. I’m sure you’re one of them!

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