I bought the new StudioBricks One Plus! – Part 4

Today, at Frankfurt Musikmesse, StudioBricks has announced the new StudioBricks One Plus. Guillermo Jungbauer has taken everything that he has learned from the original StudioBricks One and improved upon it with the One Plus.

Studiobricks ONE Plus 150 x 90The first noticeable difference is the size. The original One had an external footprint of 55.1″ (1.4m) by 43.3″ (1.1m). The new One Plus is 59.1″ (1.50m) by 41.7″ (1.06m). A small change, but for people who spend hours locked up in our booths, we know that every inch (or centimeter) helps!

And, since people like George Whittam point out that most prefab booths wind up needing additional treatment for Voiceover work, I decided to ask Guillermo about the new One Plus:

I asked:

I have read online where some Voice Actors have added additional sound treatment (like bass traps/etc) after setting up their StudioBricks One booths. What are your thoughts on this? Is it a reasonable idea?


Guillermo replied:

You don´t need further foam. In general I would say, that 90% of our customers don´t add additional foam.

Guillermo went on to say that small changes in the StudioBricks One Plus design improve the booth acoustically without reducing its effectiveness at blocking exterior sound. He is convinced that I won’t need additional bass traps. And, in further conversation with original Studio One owners, they said that placement of the panels is incredibly important. And that poorly placed panels is what necessitated extra foam. This seems to support Guillermo’s assertion, and I am looking forward to tuning the booth and finding out.

My custom StudioBricks BoothAs you may remember from last week’s article, my booth is built to handle a custom height issue. What I could not say then was that my booth is one of the first 10 prototypes of the StudioBricks One Plus. The section in red is optional in my booth. Guillermo asked me to wait until the official announcement before letting everyone know. As more of the specs of the One Plus become available, I promise to link to them here.

Guillermo finished construction of my booth a few days ahead of schedule and was waiting for the customized door before shipping. Late last week, I was contacted by SHIPCO (the shipping company) to fill out forms so the booth could be loaded onto the ship today.

An interesting thing to know is that the shipping paperwork is a lot simpler if you are an incorporated business than if you are a sole proprietor. People without an EIN number (see comments below) have to fill out forms that are really designed for those who are moving to the United States from abroad and are shipping furniture or other large belongings. A one page simple form for corporations, and a six page complex series of forms for everyone else. That said, the shipping company was great about staying on the phone with me to be certain that the forms were filled out correctly.

Once I receive confirmation that the booth has been loaded onto the ship, Guillermo will let me know. At that point, I pay the remaining 70% of the bill.

I can’t wait to get my StudioBricks One Plus!

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6 Replies to “I bought the new StudioBricks One Plus! – Part 4”

  1. Just a quick note that you do not need to be incorporated to get an EIN. A sole proprietor absolutely can get an EIN. It takes just a few minutes on the IRS website. Google for IRS Apply for EIN and you should find the link right away!

  2. Hi Steven! Apologies if you’ve answered this already in your posts…may I ask if you usually sit or stand in your ONE Plus? I’m curious what it’s like with a chair, for longer periods of time. Thank you!

    1. Hello Joy. Since I do audiobooks, I tend to sit. I find stools intended for drummers to be most comfortable. And, stools encourage good posture. I would love to sit on a stability ball, but I don’t think the book is wide enough to make that practical.

      1. Immensely helpful, as always — thank you! Well *gulp* our ONE Plus is in production! Yahooo!! Thank you again for all the information you’ve posted, and I will look forward to more! 😀

        1. Good luck Joy! And, if after you set it up, you feel like you need more acoustic treatment, you might want to look at Next Acoustics’ CityBlox and Bass Traps. They are a pretty close match for the FlexiPanels that come with the StudioBricks booths. And, they come in 4″ wide strips, so they fit easily in the spaces left by the Vicoustic treatments.

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