Does #blogging get in the way of #creativity

Sometimes, blogging can seem to get in the way of creativity.

Tearing one’s self away from substantial projects long enough to formulate a valuable posting can feel like a creative disservice. This concept probably seems “odd”, but should it?

After all, if the purpose of blogging is to draw attention to one’s real work, the act of blogging should not take away from the creation of one’s work. Wouldn’t doing so be the very definition of counter-productivity?

Many bloggers, myself included, go through periods of prolific posting followed by long stretches of unintended silence. Hopefully, we have stayed productive during such silences, but there are no guarantees. Life happens. We have children, we change jobs, we move, we live, we love.

Life happens. And, when it does, sometimes creativity suffers.

So, consider again the un-updated blog. It sits there languishing, losing perceived value, and acting more like an archive, than a portfolio. It calls to the procrastinator within promising a kind of quick fix. After all, the stakes are so much lower in a blog post. Why not just write up something quick? Just some fluff! It’ll only take a few minutes (minutes can turn into hours, hours can turn into days…).

Blogging is supposed to be a “throw away” kind of thing, right?

I couldn’t disagree more with that sentiment.

Today, more people are putting more words and pictures out there, online, before the global audience than ever before. But, so much of the content lacks forethought, care, and consideration.

A blog is supposed to be an online journal. And, a journal is all about forethought, as well as afterthought. A journal requires both care and consideration. A journal is supposed to expose something real and true about one’s process in front of the world.

Consider it a part of the creative process, not a substitute for it. If you do, you may see yourself post less often, but what you post will feel like a true piece of creativity, not a substitute for it.

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  1. Agreed! Another tool in the bag to be used in service to my ongoing creative process is exactly why I’m keeping a blog. I’m not concerned that I’m not producing multiple articles a week because I know that when I do write, it has meaning and value for me.

    1. Thank you! And, I am really enjoying your series on The Artists’ Way. You’re inspiring me to dig out my worn, dog-eared copy, and do some serious work.

  2. Well, that was perfect timing. I’m just preparing to start my first blog, and was wrestling with some of the exact same issues.

    One thing I realized in this process was that a blog need not necessarily be entirely spontaneous and time-bound. It’s possible to prepare articles that aren’t about current events or new releases, but address more general and perennial issues around the subject matter (in my case, art and writing). So I’m stockpiling some articles that can be dropped in during those times when I’m not feeling currently inspired, so as to keep the postings more or less regular.

    Thanks for the thoughts…

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