GaSP v2 and the new Imagine Theme!

Over the last few weeks, I have completely rebuilt GaSP (both the front and back ends).

It is now fast, secure, and intuitive, while keeping the source code easily readable (Hey, I spent too many years as an educator for that not to be one of my goals). All of the changes inspired me to build a new theme, so may I present Imagine!
I took the picture earlier this year on a trip to New York with my daughter. I really liked the interplay of lines and patterns and have been looking for an interesting way to use the image. Here, I have used CSS 3 border radius and shadow along with font embedding to build a theme that feels like it flows with the picture. If you load the site on your mobile phone, you will also get to see the mobile version of the theme. I am still working on the tablet version (I only have a Kindle Fire to test it on and I don’t trust its browser to speak for all tablets).
Once I finish cleaning up the GaSP source files, I will be open sourcing the code, and some default themes along with it. Any, and all, feedback is welcome!

3 Replies to “GaSP v2 and the new Imagine Theme!”

  1. Thank you! A lot of the ideas behind GaSP came from sites that you and I worked on together. I think that a powerful tool can only truly express its power, if it is simple to use. Technology is at its best when it can both enable – and get out of the way of – creativity.
    Steven at 08/02/2012 09:31:32 pm

  2. looks great. I use WordPress for all my blogs, but would be curious to try GaSP
    Lanna Lee Maheux at 08/03/2012 02:44:18 pm

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