Google is sending me a free Motorola Droid? But, I don’t want one!

In May, I will be heading to the Google I/O Conference. I had heard that Google was giving out Android phones to help swell the ranks of potential Android developers. So, I wasn’t completely surprised when I got the following email.

As you might have guessed, Android will have a big presence at this year’s event. To make sure you’re equipped to make the most of your Android experience during Google I/O, we’d like to mail you a Verizon Droid by Motorola before the event.

They are sending me a Motorola Droid? There must be some mistake. Verizon is not my wireless provider. And, I am a long time advocate of device convergence. Give me one device that replaces two or three other devices, and I’m happy. Expect me to own a device that does the opposite to my life, and I’ll say no — every time. So, can I get them to send me a Nexus One instead?

From the Google I/O 2010 FAQ:

Verizon is not my current cellphone provider. Can I request a Nexus One?
No. Phones are being distributed according to the location of the attendees. Please note that the Droid comes with 30 days of free service and works great on WiFi networks.


If I lived in Canada or Europe, I’d be getting a Nexus One. Ironically, a Canadian Nexus One would work flawlessly with my current provider. But, due to an accident of geography, they are mailing out a Droid.

I’ve already checked, it would wind up costing me more per month to own a Droid than adding a Nexus One to my current plan. So, I won’t be doing that.

I’ll be taking the Droid with me to the conference. And, once I get home, I will put it up for auction on ebay. If my experience with the Droid is positive, I might use the money from the auction to offset the cost of buying a Nexus One. If I’m not impressed, I’ll likely remain one of the few non-SmartPhone (is that dumbPhone?) users that I know.

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