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From Premium VPN UK/US PPTP and OpenVPN VPN | HideIpVPN:


HideIPVPN offers premium VPN accounts on our servers located in United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.


With recent changes in Privacy Laws here in Massachusetts, I have become more aware of when and where customer data lives on my computer. This, in turn, makes me more hesitant to work from the local coffee shop on their WiFi. How do I know the connection is secure? Is there a way I can guarantee its security?

By using a VPN service (like the one provided by my office), I can be assured that my data is encrypted. But, what can I do about my personal work? What happens while I am traveling? In both of these situations, I can use HideIpVPN to protect my data from local prying eyes.

HideIpVPN offers other benefits as well. My bank’s website requires me to have an IP address that originates in my home country. This can be inconvenient when traveling abroad. HideIpVPN offers to mask your IP address with IP addresses from the US, the UK, Germany, and Canada giving you access to local services in the country you choose.

The service is also useful for Web Application Designers. Recently, I used the service to check if an application I wrote picks up what country someone is connecting from so it can display prices in their local currency. I seamlessly moved back and forth between US Dollars and Great British Pounds simply by turning on and off the VPN connection.

It’s simple to configure for Mac OSX. The built-in VPN supports HideIpVPN just fine. So, whether you are protecting your connection, connecting to your Bank, or longing to watch TV programs that can only be viewed if your IP is in a particular country, the easiest way that I have found to do all of this, is a HideIpVPN account.

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