Link: Why Apple and Google Need Each Other – GigaOM

From Why Apple and Google Need Each Other %u2013 GigaOM:

Right now, iPhone owners are experiencing the mobile web through the 150,000 or so apps it offers through the App Store. But Apple has also backed HTML5, which allows a smartphone browser to have rich app-like features without requiring any new software to be downloaded. Just as people stopped downloading AOL’s software and switched to browsers, we may well abandon most of the apps on our phones today.


This in and of itself is the reason why HTML5-based web applications are where the future lies. They are the evolution beyond the app of today. We all know that Microsoft has a web version of Office and that Adobe has a web version of Photoshop out there. Believe me, Apple has web versions of all of its applications out there as well.

All smart companies plan for obsolescence. The successful ones plan better than the others.

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