About my Doctor Who stories

The emails over the last few days have been a bit overwhelming.

Just to be clear, though I may continue writing these stories, they will no longer appear as part of the BSAP podcast. The team at BSAP have decided to take their stories in a different direction. I received an email telling me that my “services will no longer be necessary” not long after my last episode, A Road Untaken, aired.

Before I continue, I would like to thank you all for your kind words about the stories that I have penned over the last few years. I completely enjoyed writing them, and I had a lot of fun being part of building the podcasts that brought them to life. I am sorry to hear from so many of you that you have reacted so poorly to the current plot line over at BSAP.

I got similar emails from listeners when a particular story that I didn’t write appeared during my time organizing that podcast. I too was upset that the author of that story did not pay enough attention to the existing story arc to make his story fit into the series and, as many of you pointed out, his lines for both the Doctor and his companion, Olivia, were at least a bit out of character.

I too, am disappointed by the quality and content of the current episode. And, I will be expressing my opinion in the only way that will really make a difference…

I am unsubscribing from the podcast feed. Only a precipitous drop in reported listenership will get the podcast organizers to understand that their current direction is a mistake. So, though I appreciate all of your kind words, if you really want to make your opinions known, drop your subscription to the podcast.

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