Link: The Single Page Interface Manifesto

This is helping to crystalize my thinking about Web Applications. I like Single Page Interfaces, but I have yet to articulate the reasoning behind my preference, even to myself.

In fact, I’m not sure that I am capable of that articulation yet. At the moment, my mind is a sieve. And, I am pouring everything I can about UI and UX design into it.

From The Single Page Interface Manifesto:

Every web developer knows how problematic is page navigation in a web application, besides of bandwidth wasting and process time rebuilding entire pages more problems make web development painful like unwanted caching, back/forward buttons, desynchronized forms caused by the “form auto-fill” feature of some browsers and so on. It is not uncommon to see web applications that hide the menus and buttons of the browser or using frames or iframes (e.g. banks) to avoid the problem of Back/Forward buttons.

Page based development forces a style of coding weird, repetitive (plenty of includes) and inefficient (both bandwidth and computing power) not found in desktop development.


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