Blog This – bookmarklet for Drupal 6

Often, while reading a web page, I will find something worth mentioning here on my site. The code below builds a Bookmarklet that makes a new blog entry with a prepopulated title and whatever text I have highlighted in the browser quoted in its body. This code also depends upon the Drupal Prepopulate module to get the job done.

This version launches in a blank tab or page:
[codesyntax lang=”javascript”]

javascript:u=document.location.href;t=document.title;s= '


'; pre='From%20'+escape(t)%20+%20escape(': 
%20');void(' edit[title]='+escape('Link: '+t)+' &edit[body_field][body]='+pre+escape(s) +escape('Link'))); 
This version launches in a sized popup window:
javascript:u=document.location.href;t=document.title; s='


'; pre='From%20'+escape(t)%20+%20escape (':
%20');void( (' edit[title]='+escape('Link: '+t)+'&edit[body_field] [body]='+pre+escape(s)+escape(' Link'), '_blank','width=710,height=500,status=yes, resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes'));



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