Response to a review (my portrayal of Commander Adama)

“The first story arc, without giving too much away, is basically a simple ship chase sequence, battle scene, then daring escape. Within this, however, are mired threads of politics, prophecy, daring feats and some difficult decisions required from the commander of the Battlestar. Steven Jay Cohen as Commander Adama pulls in a fantastic bit of acting as his character must make life and death decisions for his fleet based purely on the prophetic words of a priestess who may or may not be trustworthy. “

Alexa Chipman

Thank you for the kind words Alexa. I really enjoyed portraying Commander Adama for BrokenSea’s Battlestar Galactica. I actually loaded up the old series in Hulu and spent a few days focusing on Lorne Greene to prepare for the role. His choice of accent was very interesting. Neither truly English nor American, it was fun to attempt to reproduce that. And, the Adama journals were a thrill to record. I remember submitting multiple takes for almost every line in those monologues. Most of them were recorded at 5am, in the quiet of a day not yet begun. It just felt right to do them that way.

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