Where is sagefire.org?

Though sagefire.org served me well over the years, times change, and sometimes, goals change with them.

Sagefire.org was always a one man show. I had collaborated with others on projects, but there never was anyone behind the scenes with me full time. The alias “Sagefire” evolved out a bit of personal work and I started using it online as an identity back in the days of people being afraid of being found online. And, I chose a dot org domain because I was not a business (com) or a net service (net), and when I did create something, I gave it away for free. So, although I was never really a non-profit, my dot org strove to give back to the internet.

I have been encouraged by many people to strike out on my own with my writing and other creative work. So, since structuring as a freelance made more sense to me than starting a full-on business, I bought my name as a domain. And, that also explains the switch to dot com.

Since there were so many links to things that I had created over time, I felt the need to give them a new home. Most of the files are now at my GoogleCode page. It says on the page, those files are not supported, but if you have a question, please feel free to ask. If you were looking for anything that I didn’t posted, let me know and I will try to get it online as soon as I can.

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