And… we’re back!

I’ve just migrated the website from Google Sites to my own server running Drupal. I really enjoyed having my content on Google Sites, but there were a few features that Google just was not going to implement on the Sites system that I wanted to set up.

As you can see, I’ve skinned Drupal to look like the Google Site for now. I like the old typewriter in the background. It reminds me that I should be working on a story (and not spend so much time on the website).

I’ve set the site up to allow you to sign in with your Facebook account or OpenID (if you’re geeky enough to know what that is). Soon, I will be adding the ability to sign in with your Google account. For me, this is redundant, since I already sign into Facebook using my Google account. I’m setting up a few podcasts to feed out of the site, as well as some other stuff that I am not ready to talk about.

Sorry about all the glitchy Facebook/Twitter/LiveJournal behavior. All of that should be fixed by now.

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