Voice Auditions: Season 3 of Doctor Who on Broken Sea Audio Productions

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the opening of auditions for Season 3 of Doctor Who at Broken Sea Audio Productions.
(Please copy this email to any actors and onto any lists that you feel appropriate.)

Mark Kalita (Mak) continues in his role of The Doctor and we are looking to build an ensemble cast around him. This is an audition for the WHOLE SEASON not a single episode. Many of the characters re- appear in various stories, so we are looking for actors who can commit to growing with their roles over time. Initial auditions are due SEPTEMBER 28TH.

These Doctor Who Episodes will start to air in January, after the next two Doctor Who stories for Darker Projects have been recorded. A separate casting call for the next two Darker Projects episodes will be posted shortly.

If you only have time for single-episode roles or small roles, please note that when you submit your audition along with details of your time constraints.

Please record a variety of the sample lines below, and name the file as follows:

(Please record lines in wav or MP3 format 44100 mhz, 192 kbps)

NOTE: Not all characters are British, if you choose to submit an audition that demonstrates an accent (no matter what the accent is), please record the SAME piece again and name it as follows:

(Please record lines in wav or MP3 format 44100 mhz, 192 kbps)

There are many characters of many ages and many alien species. Too many to list here. Please limit your recordings to what is listed below. We will reply to the initial audition with specific lines for you to record as we try to cast the roles for the season. Please do NOT try to imitate any of the original voices from the TV series. Simply use the background information as a jumping off point, be creative, and have fun!

Women please note, we have a special need for accents and ages.
There are lead characters with the following vocal requirements:

-American (non-descript) with the ability to put on a bit of a New Orleans drawl, age mid-late 20’s
-British London Standard, age age 20’s-30’s
-Vague Non-descript European, age 20’s
-Elderly European or British
-Young child voice, 11-year-old girl

Email all auditions to:


Please put Dr Who Audition in the subject line.

Character Descriptions:

Fendahl – female, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_of_the_Fendahl

Morgaine – female, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlefield_(Doctor_Who)

Omega – male, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega_(Doctor_Who)

Tiresias – male, a later model of an ORAC Meta-Computer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orac_(Blake’s_7)

Maren – female 20’s, granddaughter of the character with the same name in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Brain_of_Morbius

Ohica – female elderly, much older than in this episode http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Brain_of_Morbius

Ida Scott – female 20-30’s, one year later and same character as here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Satan_Pit

Olivia Le Pluie – female late 20s, Engineering Grad Student/Waitress from New Orleans 1999

Marie – female 20’s, minor role, waitress in a New Orleans cafe

Francois Rakoczi – male appears to be in his 30-40’s, based upon http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/germain.htm

Lord Aukon – male, same as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_Decay

Casaubon – male, man servant to Rakoczi/conjured vampiric spirit

Please use the following lines for audition material:

FENDAHL: And I thank you Doctor. For I feasted upon all the lives
you freed at once and opened a hole in our dimensional prison. We
thank you Doctor, as do the hordes you have banished here. We
three stand in circle for them all.

MORGAINE: Sweet revenge! Soon Doctor, your hearts will feel my
blade and I will revel in the taste of your blood!

FENDAHL: And I, in the taste of your soul.

OMEGA: And, in the end, the World, and all worlds, did wither.
And, they did this by my own hand. For my true son saw my hand
within his own, and with it, he tore away the sea and the land. He
tore away the day and the night. He tore away the heavens
themselves. All this, he did, to save the innocent from the armies
of Death. But, the armies were not the real evil. And, as my hand
dispelled the order it had wrought for countless millennia,
suddenly my son, my true son, knew all of this, and wept. For now
he could see the face of darkness for the first time. The face —
was his own.

TIRESIAS: I have studied the data that
Mission Commander Flane submitted to the Torchwood Information
Matrix. Fascinating, a planet generating a field that allowed it
to sit safely within a black hole’s event horizon. The sheer
amount of energy generated alone was astounding, but the elegance
of the mathematics that enabled the gravity dispersion field was
truly inspired.

MAREN: I saw a boy; a child, no more than eight or nine. He was
made to stand before — I’m not sure what it was. He gazed into
it, like a mirror, but the things he saw.

MAREN: O, Rassilon! The wise and fair! I call upon thee! For
demons you vanquished so very long ago, rise again and use your
tools for their selfish gain!

OHICA: For a long while, he believed himself the very last of his
kind. And now, even after absolute proof that he was wrong, he
still refuses to see. Stubborn, this one, in all of his
regenerations, so very stubborn.

IDA: Right… adjust our heading toward ten zero, eleven zero-zero
by zero-nine from galactic zero center. In five hours time, this
heading will have us cross out of secured space. Hopefully, the
Sontarans and the Rutans will respect the Torchwood Archive ID we
are broadcasting and leave us alone.

OLIVIA: Well, Doctor, you may not have realized it, but you are in
New Orleans not London. This is a coffee town. I could grab you
one of the stale old tea bags we probably have hidden in back for
the clueless few that stumble into this place and just don’t get
it, but judging by your accent, you won’t be happy with that. Or,
I can get you something fresh, warm, hot, and strong.

MARIE: Ain’t you sweet. Hey, why’s a girl like you waitin’ tables
on New Year’s Eve? The boss ain’t heard ya’ come in yet. Duck out
with me. Ray’s got this friend. Mmm, mm! He’s —

RAKOCZI: Is that what you think is going on? Mister Brown, I must
say that I severely overestimated you. Here I thought you a
scholar, a studious learned man. A book you said. So, I assumed
Templars… Masons… Illuminati, but no. All you can see in your
limited little mind is X-Files. (pause) Tell me, Umberto, I can
call you Umberto, can’t I? Tell me, what do you know of Clarke’s
Third law? (pause) Well, let me enlighten you. His third law
states that any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic. It follows then that the converse is
true. Any sufficiently arcane magic is utterly indistinguishable
from advanced, even alien, technology. (Anger) Do I look like a
little green man to you!

AUKON: The Rutan mind is so simple. I can bend and shape it to my
will. Such a gullible race — so easily persuaded by promises of
power — The Universe must be ready for my return. Already, I feel
the presence of those that once served my master. All those who
have tasted the blood of their own kind, and their descendants,
will rise and be my army. For all eternity, this day will be
marked blackest of all, in all histories. For today, the vampires
rise again!

CASAUBON: Lord Aukon invoked me upon the form created by this old
wizard! Lord Aukon serves the one true Great One! Lord Aukon
serves the Vampire!

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