Updated for YouTube

Thanks to a few bug reports, I found out that Good Vibrations blocked a lot of the Navigation content on YouTube. The latest beta takes care of that. It also blocks many flash-ads. So, check it out:



4 Replies to “Updated for YouTube”

  1. Thank you for Good Vibrations I’m not sure where to leave a bug report, sorry if this is the wrong place to do so The “add to cart” button on this website “https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/” is blocked by Good Vibrations.
    Liam Fogerty at 07/29/2007 02:20:11 pm

  2. Thank you… Good Vibrations CSS is much appreciated… Website is unexpected gravy… Much exploring to do… Peace… Stuart
    gray49 at 07/30/2007 11:15:40 am

  3. Hello again Another bug report, On this site “http://www.polanoid.net/” the “shot of the day” image on the front page is blocked Thank you once again for Good Vibrations
    Liam Fogerty at 08/01/2007 02:56:31 am

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