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What better way is there to make your Surfin’ with Safari more enjoyable than sharing some Good Vibrations with your friends?

I don’t know about you dude, but all those ads on the web can really be a bummer!

— — *cough* *cough* — —

Okay, enough with the outdated surf lingo! Yeah, the name came from the fact that Apple chose to name its browser after another Beach Boys song, but I don’t think I can possibly hold up the pretense for this whole document 🙂

GoodVibrations.css is a stylesheet that acts as an ad-blocker for Safari, Konqueror, OmniWeb, Shiira, and other WebKit/KHTML web browsers. It may work on other browsers (like Opera, FireFox, and Explorer), but the point of this project is to optimize the code for WebKit/KHTML. So any browser specific code will focus on WebKit/KHTML.

Once a month, there will be a new downloadable version (with improvements and fixes). The current download will always be at:

Not to sound too much like PBS or NPR here, but this project depends upon contributions from users like you (and no, I’m NOT talking about money). This project will only work if users like you alert me to sites that need to be tweaked, ads that escape the ad blocker (though some types of ads are really hard to block), and if you submit your own fixes to the code.

I’m usually adding a line or two to the code each day. So, there are often files newer than the latest official release available. If there is a beta available, it will be downloadable at:

I want to take a moment to thank the people who have already contacted me with comments and fixes. And, I hope to hear from many more of you.

Remember to share those Good Vibrations!

12 Replies to “GoodVibrations CSS”

  1. Hi, I don’t see a possibility to use your css in shiira. Do you know a way? Thank you
    busch at 07/07/2007 01:07:22 am

  2. when images are clicked in wikipedia to see in a higher resolution they do not load. they also do not load with the other sytlesheets like usercontent.css and stopADVbanner.css. please make these images available with goodvibrations… it will make it sooo much better that the other stylesheets.
    Rich at 07/07/2007 01:13:43 am

  3. To nuke the ads on the right hand side of gmail, I added the following to the last line of your css file: #ra, #rb, .rh, #ip {display: none!important;} Keep up the good work!
    Nick at 07/07/2007 05:00:31 am

  4. Hello, Thank you for GV, it’s very useful. I can’t contribute, because I don’t know css, and I apologize to ask something without giving back something in return. But I wonder if it would be possible to block all flash content using css. I don’t want to delete flash because, if I do that, each time I go to a page using flash, Safari tells me that I need it, etc. So it would be great if there would be a css way to hide all flash; of course it would be commented by default. Sorry for the bad english. FG
    Franck Guadagnini at 07/08/2007 07:04:06 am

  5. Works very well under Opera! Thanks a lot for your work.
    Hans-Peter Buschheuer at 07/08/2007 12:45:41 pm

  6. This is great! But it does not work with gmail and safari 3. When I use GV.css and go to gmail the screen is simply blank.
    Wayne at 07/08/2007 02:59:20 pm

  7. Busch: On Shiira’s site there seems to be discussion about using Custom Style Sheets in the Forums. Just search for Ad Block and you will find what you are looking for.
    Steven at 07/09/2007 04:45:41 pm

  8. Franck Guadagnini: I have only found code that can block flash in mozilla-based browsers. If enough coders get involved in this project, then maybe we will find a flash-ad solution for WebKit.
    Steven at 07/09/2007 04:49:32 pm

  9. Steven: Thank you for your answer. I’ll wait and hope. I’ve found some code here end there regarding blocking flash ads, but pasting it in GV.css do nothing (but I don’t understand really what I’m doing, so…).
    Franck Guadagnini at 07/10/2007 01:48:32 am

  10. Thats really brilliant, I’ve looked and I’ve never found such a good style sheet for ad-blocking, Thanks a million.
    Ben at 08/17/2007 02:49:55 pm

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