Chromium Revisited

new-chromiumI’ve messed with my Chromium theme on and off for a while now. And, here is what I came up with: since Apple is moving toward an iTunes 7 look, why not modify to match iTunes 7, but still hold onto the individuality of the different windows. Even though I am the guy who made Iridium (which started a new flurry of Unifying themes), I have recently come to understand the reason for slight differences between window styles. So, I have put iTunes sliders and widgets everywhere and removed the last remnants of aqua’s gel look. Instead of Blue and Graphite, I am trying to match iTune-Slider-Blue and iTune-Slider-Desaturated. It isn’t exactly right yet. But, it is getting close. If an Intel Mac owner would like to help me test the Universal version, please let me know. The theme has been updated. It will install on Intel and PPC macs running 10.4.x No support is offered for this download. This link is left here for historical/archival purposes. Use it at your own risk. Click here to download

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  1. I downloaded your Chromium theme and installed it on my sister’s iMac G3. It looks terrific! It gives OS X a great Leopard-like appearance. Nice!!
    smiffy56 at 07/04/2007 01:25:12 pm

  2. Given what we have seen of Leopard so far, I’m not sure that I agree 🙂 There are many themes out there that are much closer to Leopard. I’m just fooling around with the resources for fun here. This theme is more of a lark than anything else for me. Glad you are enjoying it though.
    Steven at 07/05/2007 04:02:41 am

  3. Hi Sagefire, How’s the universal version shaping up? Have you managed to retain the round corners for all finder windows and iChat?
    JasonH at 07/11/2007 11:03:03 am

  4. Steven, I’d like to ‘volunteer’ to be a Guinea pig for the universal version
    JasonH at 07/11/2007 05:27:23 pm

  5. Everything works fine on Intel! Installed and uninstalled (for testing purposes) without a hitch. Good work Steven.
    JasonH at 07/13/2007 01:16:34 pm

  6. I downloaded and it looks really, really good! Congratulations on this Steven! 🙂 Just one thing ive noticed and hopefully be updated is the rounded corners of the desktop menubar… its not rounded. Also when my bluetooth icon is grayed out in the bar, it has a small white speck on the lower part. Hope these would be updated most especially the corners. Thank you once again for the super work! 🙂
    howard roark at 07/27/2007 02:52:58 am

  7. Update: I have uninstalled Chromium to see how well it works in restoring back the original aqua look BUT found out that it didnt restore my brush metal finder windows. 🙁
    howard roark at 07/27/2007 03:10:55 am

  8. Sorry about that. The fastest way to fix it would be to go over to and download his SmoothStripes theme. It’s uninstaller will fix that. When I have a chance, I will update the uninstall file with the proper resources.
    Steven at 07/27/2007 09:05:52 am

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