gMail and Joost invites

If anyone is still looking for gMail or Joost accounts, post a reply below and I will send one out to you.

4 Replies to “gMail and Joost invites”

  1. Can I have a Joost please? Thanks! (Able to post this now that your comments are fixed…)
    frank at 07/10/2007 12:47:46 pm

  2. Frank, you either need to leave your email address or sign up as a member of the site so I can get your address to send you a Joost invite 🙂
    Steven at 07/17/2007 03:31:05 pm

  3. Bobby: The current beta of Joost breaks on my machine, so I don’t have access to the invite script at the moment. When the new beta comes out, I will send one to you.
    Steven at 08/20/2007 08:54:36 pm

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