Why is it that even when I plan everything out and am trying to be responsible, simple, unhealthy things pop up to tempt me. No, I am not talking pizza or other cheesy, gooey, savory things. For months, I have been realigning my life to be healthier.


Better food, better environment, more exercise, etc…


So, why, on a day that I decide to kick things into a higher gear, do I consider the High-Protein/Low-Carb thing? I know that its bad for me. I know that it’s not a long term solution. But, the promise of fast results is just so-o-o-o tempting.


Eventually, I came to my senses. I wish I were always this good at talking myself out of things that I shouldn’t do.


Anyway, a few years ago, I came across something called The Weight Health Plan. It’s very balanced. It’s all about eating highly nutritive foods in smaller portions across the day. He goes into calculating BMI, discussing supplements, and exercise. It’s definitely something that I can handle. And, it doesn’t go against sense. It’s not extreme. It just feels solid.


If I find that I am posting more about my health (not thinking of it as diet), maybe I will make it a separate category here on the site.

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