Eating Better

I’ve decided to join the local CSA, Mountain View Farm. It’s part of my slow march toward better health. I don’t do as well with severe change as some. So, instead of abrupt diet disruption, I’ve opted toward replacing foods in my home as they run out with healthier alternatives one at a time as they run out.


I’ve been mostly vegetarian for a while now. I’m not missing meat much yet. Though past experience for me indicates that it’s only a matter of time until I do. Maybe, if I learn how to balance my vegetable proteins better, that craving can be minimized? Who knows…


I’m finally getting the hang of cooking with nuts. Randomly sprinkling them into things that I cook helps keep me from missing meat. If anyone has any tips to share (before the CSA kicks into full gear and I am drowned in Chard and Kale), I’d really appreciate it.

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