Jobs gets a Rotten Apple

MacNN | Jobs to get “Rotten Apple’ award without apology

Okay Mr. Jobs… the ball is in your court. Years ago, Apple decided the Education Market was its core business. In these days of iPods and iPhones, you may be forgetting that a huge percentage of your computer business is STILL teachers, former teachers, and students who like what they use at school and pay the premium to have the same thing at home.

Linux is getting easier to install and maintain. Edubuntu offers a lot of what schools need and Mr. Shuttleworth hasn’t made statements to alienate his userbase. So, Mr. Jobs, show up at the AFT conference and figure out how you can fix this.

It seems that you may have accidentally revealed the ultimate antidote to the Reality Distortion Field — just wait for the person causing the field to talk out of his posterior orifice. The field seems to have no effect after that.

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