Learning Curves

This week, I am spending time learning a lot of things…


I am playing with Vi, SQL, 4Js, and QT. Building my coding chops in an effort to be ready to start my new job on Monday. The more I explore, the more I am finding that I already know most of this stuff, and that is comforting. Still, this will be my first office job ever. So, I am expecting major culture shock. I don’t even have any office toys for my desk!


(Hmmm… maybe a trip to Faces is in order to remedy that.)


Conversely, diving into the world of buying a home has proven to me that I know absolutely nothing. It’s a big and scary world out there with way too many variables to hold in my head at once. My daughter came with me up into the Hilltowns to look at some places and then she told me that she really liked having one “Country Mouse” parent and one “City Mouse” parent. So, if I moved up-the-hill, she would be a full time Country Mouse, and she didn’t like that idea. Heart to heart discussions with 8-year-olds can be very enlightening.

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  1. You do need office toys to blow off steam every once in a while. I know of a great one, a marshmallow launcher! You can shoot big marshmallows; this is especially fun when you set up a trash can some distance away and see how many you can dunk. Good luck!
    at 12/03/2009 04:01:26 pm

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