What was taken

The camera and the headset were gone. I expected that. But, they missed the iPod (gotta love that easily overlooked shuffle — I wonder if Apple could use the fact that it is small enough to be overlooked by car thieves to sell more of them?), they left my coat as well. But, they took Olivia’s stuffed animals — a bear, a rabbit, and a monkey


Although I am happy to have my coat back, I would have been happier to find it and the ipod gone but to have recovered all of Olivia’s things.



2 Replies to “What was taken”

  1. i stumbled across your site looking for iridium and saw this post. sorry to hear about the theft. maybe you can put up a small donation link somewhere? you must be getting a lot of hits recently with the skins you’ve so kindly made available.
    lostcheese at 01/17/2007 02:16:09 pm

  2. aw- man, that stinks. Who steals a kid’s stuffed animals?! sorry to hear bout this. Tracy Wharton
    TrCharisse at 01/22/2007 01:33:59 am

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