theft shock

Thanks to the kindness of friends, Olivia is at school, all of the needed reports have been filed, everything that needed to be cancelled has been cancelled, and if I can work out the money, I may have a new car by next week. The money really worries me. I have started saving for a down payment on a home. And, this car replacement may send me all the way back to square one.


Things that were in the car:

  • Olivia’s big white teddy bear that was a gift from my sister
  • Olivia’s favorite purple fuzzy socks that were a gift from Sandi
  • Olivia’s velvet pajamas that she wore to a sleep over
  •  A set of Robin Hood paper dolls that were also a gift
  • My lined/leather winter coat with all of those pockets
  • My digital camera (in one of those pockets)
  • My iPod (gotta love pockets)
  • A leather duffle I was given for doing sound/lights on the David Letterman show back when I was in college
  • Olivia’s Razor Scooter
  •  Our bike rack
  • 3 movies that we borrowed from the Library
  • My FastLane/EZ-Pass box (happy I remembered to report it stolen)
  • My bluetooth headset for my cell phone
  • A whole bunch of graded homework and assignments that I hadn’t returned to my students yet


I guess I can kiss a new computer goodbye. I would rather take the car money from my upgrade fund than from my house fund. I have always bought cars outright. I have never financed one. And, I don’t want to now. I want to keep my debt load clear and ready for a home. So, I guess I will comb craigslist and look for some for sale signs.

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