Tigger for OSX

MacOSX TiggerIntroducing MacOSX Tigger, the Tiger Apple should have released in the first place. All window shapes match and there are 2 shading options: Unified and Metal.

Since Apple started shipping internal skins in the iLife applications, Iridium doesn’t really provide a Universal UI anymore. Tigger is more of a hack of existing designs than anything else. So, like Chromium, it won’t be publicly available for download.

From Designs

No support is offered for this download. This link is left here for historical/archival purposes. Use it at your own risk.
Download Tigger

37 Replies to “Tigger for OSX”

  1. I threw a comment out earlier, but I don’t know if it registered. At any rate, if you could make me a member, I’d appreciate it. I’d like to mess around with some of the stuff you post about on here. Thanks . . .
    Drew at 11/12/2006 11:45:09 pm

  2. Very nice theme, I would try and probably use it on all my Macs in place of Iridium. Can you please add me as a member?
    Fabrizio at 11/13/2006 09:05:17 am

  3. hello… 🙂 I really appreciate the screenshot… and Tigger as well your iTunes Theme seem to be perfect for my taste… I would very appreiate, if you could add me to your site… 🙂 Need (!) to have that thingy on my trusty powerbook… 🙂 Good work… 🙂 Best regards, Martin
    Martin at 11/14/2006 04:39:39 pm

  4. I like Iridium and i would like to test Tigger and Chromium 🙂 Dudel D. from Germany
    Dudel D. at 11/15/2006 03:52:31 am

  5. Looking at the pictures the Iridium updates look perfect, I would like to become a member too.
    Remi at 11/19/2006 04:20:48 pm

  6. I would love to try out tigger – I would like to become a member, if possible Thanks
    Steve Tobin at 12/02/2006 05:44:15 pm

  7. Wow. Tigger is kind of what i’ve been looking for since.. well, since I switched. Never quite gotten stuck on any other themes, and I’m mostly annoyed by Shapeshifter. So this looks very promising. Oh, and I want to be a member. 😉
    Fredrik Mårtensson at 12/06/2006 01:34:48 pm

  8. great looking screenshot! Would like to become a member, too, and try out Tigger, please 😮 ) Best regards
    Almut Masbaum at 12/09/2006 03:53:27 pm

  9. Hello, Had Iridium on my iBook, loved it. Now switched to a MBP, and I can’t believe how dark and foreboding everything looks. Please please please make me a member, let me have the next v of Iridium. A personal opinion, your site is very pretty but not very clear, e.g. I am not sure what Tigger is all about. I am pretty sure Chromium is darker than Iridium but not clear how it differs from stock 10.4. cheers H.E.
    Hal at 12/09/2006 07:19:20 pm

  10. I love Irridium and would very much like to try Tigger and – perhaps – Chrome. Please, may I become a member?? Michael
    Michael Bonnesen at 12/10/2006 10:02:41 am

  11. Holy heck, this and Chromium are both just what I’ve been looking for! The “se7en” skin making its rounds still has that garish glossy menu bar that just screams “obsoleted” in contrast to the funky fresh matte style of iTunes 7 and the like. Could I please have access to both of these new skins? I’ll be your best friend, seriously.
    That One Guy at 12/12/2006 02:39:28 pm

  12. I’ve been using Iridium for some time now. It seems very stable and I am quite pleased with it. I would also be interested in trying Tigger. Please sign me up as a member and keep up the great work!
    Doug Oakland at 12/14/2006 12:42:36 am

  13. My life on Intel Mac is incomplete without Iridium Hydroxide. That said, could I please be a member so I can check out your (equally beautiful) Tigger theme? Thanks in advance! Keep up the AWESOME work!
    Dan at 12/17/2006 06:41:04 am

  14. Installed Tigger and just LOVE IT !! Now, it looks more like my beloved NeXTstep interface !!!! But why some App’s like Mail, TextEdit, System Preferences… are in a lighter gray ? Is it possible to do something ? Thank you, Sagefire for awesome work and your time !
    newmind at 12/22/2006 03:36:52 am

  15. Hey Newmind! Glad to see a fellow NeXTgeek here! As you know, in Iridium, I did make everything look exactly the same. But, what I am doing now is not only unifying the interface, but I am attempting to be predictive of 10.5. I am working on some mockups and I have been using Tigger as a testing ground (that’s why you see 2 grey gradients). Expect a post with new info before the end of the month.
    Steven at 12/22/2006 05:49:23 am

  16. Steven, just wanted to say I appreciate all the hard work you put into theming. I’d been using Uno for a while, but felt it was getting too stale, and Chromium and Tigger are a nice deviation from it.
    memco at 12/27/2006 02:03:47 pm

  17. Hey Sagefire… can you please member me upso i can get the latest version og tigger? thanks bud
    Jesse at 12/29/2006 05:10:10 am

  18. Thanks for still working on Tigger! I only need to know if it is compatible with intel macs?
    specialk at 12/29/2006 01:15:34 pm

  19. Hi specialk! It “should” be compatible with Intel Macs. I have no way of testing it. I did generate the Extras2.rsrc (Intel specific) file in the same way that I did for Iridium (which I know works on Intel) but I have not been able to test Tigger on Intel personally.
    Steven at 12/29/2006 05:07:10 pm

  20. Just wanted to drop in and say that Tigger is running wonderfully on my Intel Core Duo Mini. Now all we need is that full Tigger feeling, on the metallic windows as well. 😀
    Fredrik at 01/05/2007 04:31:42 pm

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