Linux on Apple Laptops? It’s all about options!

Since my machine can run any UNIX application I would ever need, why would I ever think about putting GNU/Linux on my Mac? Well, my little 12″ Powerbook is a very solid little machine and if she is still chugging along in the day when she is just too slow to effectively run current software in OSX, I would like to have the option to run a different Operating System.

I run Ubuntu on any machine I use that cannot run OSX. For me, it’s not about Microsoft-bashing or anything like that. It’s all about security. If the new version of Windows (Vista) finally has real user security and permissions, I will happily use it (though I will be loathed to learn how to administer it unless someone wants to pay me oodles of cash to do so). So, I keep track of progress on GNU/Linux support for my current hardware. This morning, I saw THIS and was very, very happy.

Having set up many networks of low-end computers in schools over the years, just having the options of turning aged macs into reliable GNU/Linux boxes, means extending the useful life of a lot of great hardware.

Kudos to all of the geeks that have made this possible!

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