Standards For OS X Themes On Intel Architecture – Geekspiff

As the people over at geekspiff point out in the Standards For OS X Themes On Intel Architecture article on their blog, the problems connected to theme generation for Intel macs will eventually be solved. I’m relieved that these guys are being more persistent than I about solving the problem. part of me still thinks there is an encryption problem, but I am pretty confident that these guys will solve it.

This does not mean that I am backing off on EOLing Iridium. The goal of the Iridium project was to provide “One look to unite them all!” and do it without using ShapeShifter. I use a few of Unsanity’s products, but not ShapeShifter. I have their APE (Application Enhancer) installed and I use it daily with products like Airfoil and Audio Hijack Pro. But, it just does not make sense to me to use ShapeShifter’s method of GUI rendering. ShapeShifter themes by allowing Aqua to draw it’s windows and then ShapeShifter draws the windows AGAIN over the original windows. This means that using ShapeShifter makes a mac use twice the processor power to render its Interface. And, I don’t like sacrificing performance.

I’m interested in following the development the guys at geekspiff do, but I will be doing it as an observer, not a themer. That is, unless inspiration strikes and I have an idea for a new theme.

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