Iridium & SmoothTunes (End of Life)

Iridium is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.5 and IridiumTunes was last updated for iTunes 6.0.2.

I have been thinking about this for a while now. And, it appears that the advent of the new iTunes look (which began in iTunes v5.0) has gotten many application developers to bundle their own iTunes-like skins internally.

While I applaud the desire to update the look and feel of these applications, the fact that they are bundling their own skins, means that they are NOT skinned by Iridium. The point of Iridium was to provide 1 universal look to all applications. This new trend in the mac community makes that not possible. I will be updating the downloads to include this End of Life notice.

The downloads will remain available, but I will no longer offer support for either product.

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  1. “The point of Iridium was to provide 1 universal look to all applications …” and that is why we love Iridium !! With greetings from Germany
    dudel d. at 02/24/2006 05:18:11 am

  2. This really, really makes me sad. I love Iridium, Steven… Hope it works in future 10.4 releases. Or else I’ll have to use UNO, which I don’t like as much as Iridium. Thanks for this marvellous app.
    kioshi at 02/24/2006 10:49:05 am

  3. I can change the Iridium Installer so instead of refusing to install if it is installed against a new build of the OS to simply warn that it is being installed against an untested build. And, if it really needs to be rebuilt for a future 10.4 update, I may be able to do it, but I can’t garantee the kind of quick turn around that I have been able to do thus far. Thanks for the kind words 🙂
    Steven at 02/24/2006 02:31:24 pm

  4. Disappointing development! I really like Iridium, and in its absence, I hope that OS X is updated to have a more consistent LAF in future releases. (There’s Uno, too, but it has some noticeable bugs, with contextual menus in some applications.) Thanks for the great software, and I hope that you eventually reconsider if Apple doesn’t.
    James Cunningham at 02/27/2006 08:33:29 pm

  5. Thanks for the work you’ve done with Iridium, I’m kind of sad to hear it’s EOL as I like Iridium’s look much better than the Mac OS X built in look, even its unified look. Maybe apple could use IridiumTunes for their iTunes look instead of the universal look. It’ll be interesting to see what look 10.5 has seeing as they seem to be moving more towards a universal look across the whole system. Maybe there will be a point where iTunes doesn’t contain its own skin.
    Phil at 03/01/2006 05:34:13 pm

  6. It saddens me to hear that you will no longer be supporting Iridium, ever since I found out about I can’t seem to use any other themes, it is just to perfect. I won’t even update my system until I have a Iridium for it, the regular Aqua/Metal/Unified/iTunes look just isn’t the same 🙁 . Thank you very much for the time you did put into this theme it has brightened my day.
    Nick at 03/03/2006 02:41:06 pm

  7. I am disappointed–I now won’t have a supported way to update the appearence of my machines. I wish you’d reconsider.
    mrmister at 03/06/2006 12:16:22 am

  8. I loved your good work for the fixes to the UI of OSX! Greetings from Germany
    Peter at 03/08/2006 01:25:47 am

  9. That’s sad. Anyway I prefer Chrominium. Iridium is too bright. Too bad Chrominium’s dead for a long time.
    chrominium at 03/14/2006 04:59:41 am

  10. I know it has already been said, but I – like many – will miss Iridium much. I’ve just found your decision not to support Iridium any longer while trying to use it on my new imac (intel). I can tell you this machine is really ugly with the brushed metal. How I miss your work ! Give me my G4 ibook back ! I wish you all the best for your future, I’ve loved Iridium and will miss it, really. Thank you for the really nice work you’ve done.
    mseb at 03/14/2006 04:06:51 pm

  11. Again, I want to thank you all for the kind words. My decision to EOL Iridium was not due to me losing interest. But, it was due to changes that Apple has introduced into the Intel Macs that make Iridium impossible to implement as it is today. If circumstances change, and Iridium can be implemented, rest assured that I will skin the OS again.
    Steven at 03/14/2006 04:13:49 pm

  12. > changes that Apple has introduced into the Intel Macs that make Iridium impossible to implement as it is today I’ve not read anything else here before wanting to join the crowd lamenting the EOL status of Iridium, so sorry if you’ve already told us about that somewhere else, but what did they change exactly? Just curious. And BTW, I couldn’t care less if that meant incompatibility with Intel Macs only. I just bought a Quad G5, so my first Intel Mac will be far, far away, that’s for sure, and I also want my Iridium look for a long time to come! Rest assured that there are still people out there who love your work, and honestly I can’t think of an app that used its own iTunes-like look. I probably threw it away and forgot about it, if I ever saw one 😉
    skab at 03/20/2006 11:09:26 am

  13. Odds are Iridium as it stands will continue to work on PPC Macs running any version of 10.4.x Apple seems to have encrypted some core files on the Intel Macs and a side-effect is that I cannot replace the images in order to implement Iridium on those machines. Also, the new trend of including iTunes 6-ish skins with applications, means that many apps are not calling to the system to render their windows at all. This means that over time, more and more apps would have started to require individual skins in order for Iridium to truly be Universal. iLife 06 is the beginning of a trend, believe me on this one. Like I said, if I can figure out a way around this, rest assured that I will be back to skinning the OS.
    Steven at 03/20/2006 11:52:16 am

  14. “I can change the Iridium Installer so instead of refusing to install if it is installed against a new build of the OS to simply warn that it is being installed against an untested build” The 10.4.6 update is out and I miss Iridium already! Please consider following up on your suggestion above. It will make a lot of people happy!
    Thomas at 04/04/2006 12:45:53 am

  15. Two things, installing 10.4.6 did not uninstall Iridium. And, the installer has been updated. I didn’t change the version number because Iridium itself has not been changed.
    Steven at 04/04/2006 05:40:34 am

  16. Does this mean I if I reinstall Iridium on 10.4.6 it will be applied again? I am using PPC 10.4.6 and Iridium was deactivated when i did the update.
    snoogly at 04/06/2006 03:16:41 pm

  17. Yes, you can re-install over 10.4.6 I am guessing that you applied the Combo Update which included changes from 10.4.4 (those un-did iridium). Applying under 10.4.6 works just fine. You may need to re-download if your installer tells you it can’t install on 10.4.6
    Steven at 04/06/2006 05:07:58 pm

  18. I don’t think there’s an iridium user out there who wouldn’t much rather have Iridium applied to many/most of the apps on their computer as opposed to Iridium on NONE. Hope you’ll reconsider…
    Dual at 04/18/2006 07:46:37 am

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