WordPress, I owe ya one

If you scroll way back in this blog, you will find a very old post explaining why I chose b2evolution over wordpress. Well, it would seem times have changed. After having my blog hacked while running b2evo, I migrated to a static page design that I ran from my mac using either iBlog or macJournal  depending upon when you happened to talk with me. I liked a lot of what iBlog had to offer, but macJournal simply writes better code. iBlog integrates so well with iLife software (iPhoto especially) and the interface is very nice, but there is no way to simply tell it to let the blog worry about the formatting. My posts were filled with soooo much extraneous code. It was so sloppy.

So, I backed off to macJournal’s free version 2.6.1. I don’t see v3 as a compelling upgrade, but when v4 goes final, I will probably be buying it. The public betas are fantastic!

Anyway, back to WordPress…

Originally, I had a problem migrating data to wordpress. B2evo was easier, so I went with that. Now, WordPress installation is little more than 1-click, plug-ins are drop-in-simple, and skin writing is so easy that I was able to build the sagefire look in less than an hour.

Both WordPress and macJournal have come a long way. They are now my tools of choice 🙂

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