Morning Pages

Morning Pages and more Morning Pages

I have been trying to restart this practice with varied amounts of success. I simply feel better when I do it. Often, if I have time, it leads to other types of meditation that also add to my day. Maybe, all of the organizing, sorting, and other physical and virtual pre-spring cleaning that I have been doing is a pre-cursor to more of the same on an inner level?

I remember when I used to have a daily meditation practice… there were times when allowing my meditation space to get unorganized, seemed to lead to my house becoming unorganized, and that seemed to lead to it spilling over into my daily life.

Anyway, if you happen to be talking to me (either on or offline) please feel free to ask me how the morning pages are going. I think I need some help keeping that concept in front of me and not letting it fall to the side. Because once it’s hidden under yesterday’s socks, I know I will lose track of it.

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